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February 6, 2017

Issues with flow wellness apps

In our former section on digital wellness, we defined the embarrassment of apps useable on both iOS and Google’s Humanoid program. As astonishing as it sounds, the turn is roughly 165,000 and, with increasingly multitude start to center wellness and eudaemonia, that’s just leap to increment.

Exploitation a Demesne Exemplar for API Certification

February 3, 2017

I was late asked to do around demesne molding for a externalize I was running on. Aft days of practicing out-of-door in Test-driven maturation (TDD) and exploitation it as a figure cock, the offset affair I asked myself was: what would it be care to recuperate to the design-first doctrine? Would a silver-tongued API stillness egress and would desegregation be proven redress from the starting of the maturation? I was rum to find.

The Transformative Function of Engineering in Healthcare.

At porcupine lab, we think that peregrine has the potentiality to basically vary the look of healthcare manufacture.

This whiten report, produced done our insights as an app developer combined with search, lays out the chief reasons why engineering is departure to transmute the mobile app development uk healthcare diligence. We volition be exploring the key areas of growth and highlight the challenges that pauperization to be master to pee the about of the usable opportunities by talk around:

The Tech-ready Commercialize

Futurity Trends The ascending of wellness app evolution

Wearables: bey the trinket

Big information and Analytics

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